Over a week ago I ended up at the doctors with Jarrod and Noah.  Jarrod has shingles (not sure if that is right spelling)LOL!!!  and a urine infection.  Noah also has a virus and not himself and then last Saturday I came down with the flu virus and totally wiped me out for the last week.  The last 3 days I have  had a major migraine and feeling dizzy.  I don’t have the migraine or dizzy feeling today but have a very sore back from lying in bed but am still very weak and just want to sit and do nothing.  The last 3 days I wasn’t able to stand and have a shower so had to have baths and today I managed to have a shower but feel really weak.  Totally wiped me out.  I haven’t felt like this for years. I so HATE being sick and having sick kids. But the kids are on the road to recovery, Jarrod is still on antibiotics for his urine infection and shingles and Noah is better now to.  Let’s hope, fingers crossed that Neil and Leigh don’t get anything.  Well today I think I might just do some scrapbooking if I can. Till next time, take care everyone.


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  1. wow you guys have had a rough time, hope you all feel well and 100% soon. Tanya take it easy over the next few days. I have had my flu virus thing for nine days and am on antibiotics for it now. I figured after seven days of not getting better I had to see the dr.

  2. Oh no, Tanya! I knew you were sick but didn’t realise things were this bad. Really sorry to hear about Jarrod having shingles and a UTI. Not nice at all!! Poor guy! And poor wee Noah, it is not fun for anybody when baby is sick, especially when they are his age and can’t tell you what they’re feeling.

    I really hope you guys all feel better soon and have a long run of good health afterwards. We have colds here (nothing major, just sniffles and coughs) but my Dad has recommended that when we are all well we take Buccaline Berna, apparently it is awesome and suitable for kids too (not sure if Noah would be too little, but the others would be able to take it). You pay $13 for one pack which gives you protection against headcolds for about 3 months, so you can take another course later in winter. You have to be well when you take it, and it doesn’t prevent flu (you need the flu jab for that). But anyway, we’re going to try it and thought you might be interested too since you’ve got lots of kids and I know it is hard to keep colds from spreading through the family once one kid comes home with something!

  3. Mrs Frizz said:

    Well I truly hope the household is now well and truly on the road to recovery – no fun being sick at the best of times – definitely not in the school holidays. Take care.

  4. Oh my goodness Tanya….what a bad run, hope everything settles down and you guys all get better (and preferably dont pass it through the computer either :S)
    There is nothing worse than sick children (not that i have any but i did do some nanning a while back).

    Get better soon, lots of fluids and heaps of rest, love to you all 🙂

  5. Tanya I am sending lots of healthy hugs.Take care.

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