Just have to share – I received an email today saying congratulations Tanya, your layout for ‘Time to say goodbye’ has been accepted for the May 07 issue. I was and still am so excitied about the whole thing. I have never submitted anything to any magazine before and this is such a buzz for a first attempt. I rang Meg and Scrapbook Essentials and was screaming down the phone at her that I got in…..lol. Neil is very proud of me and all my friends are very happy for me to. I can’t show you the layout sorry, you will just have to wait.

While I was at work tonight I had a visitor who brought me a present. It was Allanah from Scrapbook Art to say thank you for everything I have done for them. It was very nice of her and I was blown away with what she gave me. I got a 12×12 AMM album, 9 sheets of 12×12 PP, ribbons and flowers. And everything is PINK!!!!!LOL. All wrapped and a PINK ribbon around it. So, Simon and Allanah thank you very much for the lovely gift, it means alot.

Sorry that the photo is dark but it’s late and couldn’t get a good photo.
Anyway just wanted to share with you all. Till next time, cya


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  1. Awesome news Tanya, well done. Thats exciting!!!! Love your pressie too how lovely to be recognised and thanked like that.

  2. YAY, congrats, Tanya!!! It’s nice seeing all you lovely new ladies getting into the mag! And I’ll even know more when I see the names in there 😉

    Such a lovely special gift to receive from the store. And all in pink 😉 What more could ya ask for?!?!?

  3. BIG congrats on being published for the first time, Tanya!! I know how exciting it is – and don’t let anyone stop you from being excited!! You’ll be even more freaked out when you actually see the magazine, I know I was!! 😉

    Lovely present you got from the store, too.

  4. Congrats Tanya, and I agree with Hannah….enjoy your excitement and show everyone the mag with your name in it!
    (I couldn’t wait to show everyone when I was in it….and had to buy 2 copies for the inlaws and a copy for each of my kids, so they had their own…lol)

    Nice pressie too!

  5. Huge congrats Tanya. Fantastic job on being published. Isn’t it a fantastic feeling 🙂 🙂 :).
    What a lovely pressie to bring around to you. And in pink, couldn’t of been a better colour 🙂

  6. Congrats Tanya

    You deserve it, good news is just flowing for you atm, and i hope it keeps up.

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