I’m leaving my job!

Last week I found out that the 20 year old student is being paid $1.50 more an hour than me at work. I asked my boss for a pay rise before going to camp so she could get it sorted for my return to work this week. She was pissed off with the student for telling me and I can guess why. I rang and asked her on Tuesday and she said yes I have a pay rise but only an extra $1 an hour and then she rang back and said no I didn’t have it. She needed to wait for the big boss to agree to it…..I’m not going to get any where near what they are paying the student so I handed in my notice yesterday. I have been there longer and have been left in charge and I think I should be on more than the student. One of the other girls also handed in her notice yesterday and another part timer is also leaving at the end of April. There isn’t going to be many left to do the hours and it’s in Westfields so there are late nights and all weekend work. Oh well, not my problem really. There has been alot of things happening at work hence why everyone is leaving.

But I do have a new job with is at The Scrapbook Company here in Christchurch. I will be working in the store from time to time and also doing classes. My first class will be after easter and I am so looking forward to it. I feel so happy as this is what I have been wanting to do for a long time. I was on the Design Team at Scrapbook Art but gave it up for my new job. It’s really nice to be a tutor again and it’s where I want to be.
I will update on the Bannockburn camp when I get photo’s sorted….watch this space!


Comments on: "I’m leaving my job!" (9)

  1. Oh Tanya – that sucks that you were being underpaid!! That is so awful!
    I’m glad you can quit, sounds like the Scrapbook Co job will be fabulous!
    I’m so envious about the scrap camp – but I picked SENZ as my big treat this year. Sounds like camp was amazing though!

  2. Goo on you Tanya you deserve better and your employer is disgusting and that is why they will not keep good staff like you on. I am so pleased you are doing something that you want and will be tutoring. Awesome Awesome news!!!

  3. That’s horrible!! Sucks that you were treated like that, but you are better off without them. Plus, the new job sounds FAB!!! I think you’ll be so much happier there and it will all work out for the best!

  4. karen -girlfriday said:

    Congrats to you! The new job at the Scrapbook Company sounds GREAT : retail and tutoring … a great combo ! :o)

  5. Mrs Frizz said:

    Congrats my scrapping buddy … now a wee word of advice – you have to save some money and not put it all back into scrapping supplies at the shop – lol!! Temptation, temptation, temptation – lol! I’m just jesting you – truly!!!!!!

    Go you – I’m rapt for you … a job scrapping – scrappers heaven!

    Take care and in your case, roll on Easter!!!!!

  6. sounds like you have made a decision that makes you happy! good on you – enjoy the next lot of challenges 🙂

  7. Good on you! it was obviously meant to be as look where your new job is taking you. All the best

  8. You go Girl!! Is the student sleeping with the boss or something? Thats just not right. Well done standing up for yourself. Your new job sounds fab! Have fun!!!!

  9. Way to go Tanya. You don’t need to put up with that at all. Glad to see your doing something that you love doing. 🙂 Take care Bronny 🙂

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