Well, I haven’t updated my blog for a while so thought I should do it. I have had a busy few weeks with work, kids and trying to do some scrapbooking. I have alot on at the moment and trying to get everything done is hard sometimes. I am doing extra hours at work this week and next week as one of the girls is on hoilday and I am off on scrap camp at Bannockburn next weekend and trying to sort things for that and also I am involved in a Circle Journal with some of the girls over at Scrapbook Essentials. I have Meg’s CJ here at the moment and am working on that to.

The saying ‘ it happens in 3’s’. Well that has happened to us over the last few days. Last night I put some hot cross buns in the oven and then I left the room and forgot about them…..and then the whole house was full of smoke and the hot cross buns were black and just about to catch fire. Very scary! Then today Noah fell head first out the door onto the concrete and split his lip open and there was blood everywhere. Poor wee guy….he was soooo upset. And the 3rd thing also happened today. Leigh was helping me dry the dishes and he sliced his thumb with the biggest sharp knife we have. And again there was blood everywhere. And lots of tears…
It has been such a busy day and all this topped it off nicely.

I am making wee books to take to scrap camp next weekend so I better go and get them done so till next time. Cya


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  1. oh Tanya that left me feeling queezy……hope they all recover well from the injuries sustained today.

  2. Man, sounds like our luck, Tanya. I swear I won’t get to the States with everything that keeps coming our way. I’m one seriously stressed out chick!!! At least on the flip side it means you are due for some good luck 😉

  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the burnt buns and all the blood!! I hope the boys’ injuries are on the mend now, and that you have time to get all the things done that you have to do!

  4. Mrs Frizz said:

    Well I’m thinking that you need to take a little time out just for yourself and scrap camp is it … hope the boys bodies heal quickly. Thankfully you were in the house for the hot cross buns – scary …

  5. Oh wow – yep thats you done – bad things come in 3’s – without fail! And that was certainly a nasty lot of 3 wasn’t it – I hope the boys are okay and you are recovering??
    You will be so looking forward to scrap camp!

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