Sneak Peeks of my CJ

Over at Scrapbook Essentials a group of 14 people are involved in a Circle Journal and I just wanted to share with you sneak peeks of my CJ. I know some of the ladies don’t like sneak peeks so if you are one of those ladies reading my blog then I’m sorry but I do and you don’t have to read on. I love sneak peeks and wanted to share this with those who do. My topic for the CJ is Xmas 06. I really enjoyed doing this CJ and I am looking forward to getting it back in August this year. I am involved in another CJ with a different group of ladies over at Scrapbook Essentials and Julie has it as I type. It is due home very soon. My topic for that CJ is ‘Then (a decade ago) and Now’. I am sooooo looking forward to it coming home.

Anyway here are the sneak peeks of my currant CJ


Comments on: "Sneak Peeks of my CJ" (7)

  1. Tanya leigh i love it from what i can see…can’t wait to get it in May.

  2. Gorgeous, Tanya!!! I can’t wait to get it!!

  3. The sneak peaks look good, now I wanna see the whole thing lol

  4. Awesome, Tanya! I didn’t think do take sneak peeks of mine, damn lol. Can’t wait to get yours! Yours this round was soooooo awesome and I’ve been hearing a lot about your awesome pages so I hope everyone posts.

  5. Well … I’m waiting – sneak peaks look great. I’m thinking to myself I am going to have to go and visit the girls down here before it’s my turn to actually have it in my hot little hands – just so I can take a decent look. You tease!

  6. love the sneak peak Tanya…..I love sneak peaks

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