Scrapbook Essentials meeting

Over the last few weeks Louise, Michele, Wendy and I had decided to meet up for a coffee so last night was the night and we all meet each other for the first time at coffee culture in Riccarton. Well, I already knew Louise from a class I did with her but it was a first time for the others. We spent two and a half hours chatting away and the time just flew by. It was great to put faces to the names and finally meet who I was talking to on SE forum. This is the second lot of people I have meet from this one amazing forum. I totally enjoyed myself last night, getting to know you all and I thank you all for the meeting. It was fab! I just want to say a BIG thank you to Megan McKenzie, the owner of SE for setting this forum up and giving us all the opportunity to meet all these wonderful people. So thanks Meg. Here is a photo that we took last night. I’m not that fussed on the photo of me but hey……

We all took some of our scrapbooking along to show each other ( well Michele didn’t ) so Michele we want to see next time….ok! lol
It was great to see what other people do. We all thought we would get together once a month and do some scrapping. None of my friends do scrapbooking so this is going to be great. Most of my friends think I’m mad that I am a scrapbooker, but they just don’t understand…lol
Thanks girls for a fab night and look forward to catching up again soon.


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  1. Tanya none of us like how we look in group photos lol!! Thats cos we normally take the photos. Anyway you all look great. Great to see you will have a once a month crop. Its nice to be able to do that with like minded people. Love how friendships grow out of scrapping.

  2. Cool idea Girls.great to hear you all had a great time.

  3. It is so greqat how scrapping can bring people to gether. Love that you will get together for scrap seesions

  4. How awesome, Tanya! So when are you having a trip to the North Island???? Is yoru goal to meet everyone on the board lol?? It’s awesome you all got along so well and things were good. It’ll be even better if you can get together once a month.

  5. Cool, sounds like a great time – thank you for sharing that – I love putting faces to names!!

  6. Mrs Frizz said:

    A little geographically challenged to meet for coffee – but it’s great that you could all meet up and I’m sure that you will look forward to the cropping get-togethers …
    To meeting new friends ladies …

  7. So great that you all got to meet up! I love meeting new friends, and I’ve made some great ones over the internet – even some in the Northern Hemisphere and I’ve been lucky enough to meet one of them! Hope you ladies continue to meet and become even better friends 🙂

  8. karen - girlfriday said:

    So cool. Love your *mad scrapbooker* concept!! And isn’t it great to get together with other crazy scrappers!! LOL

  9. Hello, new to your blog. Wendy is awesome. We are going to miss her here in Wgtn.
    Looks like you had a great evening.

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