I do do scrapbooking….lol

I haven’t put alot of my scrapbooking on my blog so thought I would start sharing with everyone. I would rather do altered art than a layout. I made a paper bag album for Neil’s parents for christmas. As they live in Auckland and we don’t get to see alot of them i thought it would be nice to make the album with random photo’s of all of us doing things during the year. I got a phone call from Val (Neil’s mum) the following day to say they just loved it. Val reads my blog so, ” Hi Harry and Val” see you guys next month. Looking forward to seeing you and spending the weekend with you. Some photo’s of the album….

The album also has tags in the paper bags with photo’s of us and the kids. Also I made Leigh’s teacher a paper bag album but slightly different from the one above. Chris (Leigh’s teacher from 2006) just loved it and it’s something for her to remember her class of 06. Here are some photo’s…..I called it Christ’s Brag Bag. I made tags to put inside it but put the tags together with a ring to keep it all together. During the year I went down to school and did parent help and took heaps of photo’s of the kids so I could make it.

I love making things like this but most of the time it is to give away and I feel like I’ve achieved nothing because there isn’t anything here, it’s all been given away.

I’m just about finished a little album of Noah’s firsts…ie first bath, first food, first friend, first bottle etc so will post that when finished. I am in the mix of doing a altered art for someone else. It’s in my head and just trying to put it on paper….lol

Well this has turned out to be a really long post so will finish here and post more at a later date. Cya.


Comments on: "I do do scrapbooking….lol" (4)

  1. love the albums Tanya, stunning and what great ideas. I agree though you put so much into it to give it away that you feel you have nothing to show for it lol.

  2. Tanya, all your work is just gorgeous! You put so much into them and it really shows. I’ve made a few things lately for gifts and I understand what you mean about having nothing to show! But taking photos of it before you give it away is a great idea 😉

  3. What can I say Tanya – amazing work as usual…… gosh you set a high standard….

  4. Mrs Frizz said:

    Gorgeous – absolutely gorgeous – don’t ever doubt yourself – you are one amazing creative lady.

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