Alot has happened

Well, where do I start. I know this is late but Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a fab Xmas and New Year. I have been busy with work, doing more hours than the norm due to Xmas. But things seem to be back on track, well for the mo. I have picked up Saturdays at work just for the moment due to one of the girls not wanting it any more. Neil has been on holiday since the 22 December 06 and he is having to be back at work tomorrow (Monday 8th Jan). Well as much as I have loved having him here I am ready for him to go back to work….lol Over the last few weeks we have been hanging at home due to me having to be around for work. It was such a lovely day yesterday we took to boys to the beach and it was Noah’s first beach experience . He loved it and had fun playing in the sand. He wasn’t to fussed on the water thou. He let out a really loud scream. Made us all laugh…lol

Neil and I built a car in the sand so the kids could sit in it. They loved it and so did all the other people on the beach walking by. A couple with a wee boy walked by and the boy had to have a go in it. He thought it was great.

Comments on: "Alot has happened" (5)

  1. Mrs Frizz said:

    Sounds as tho you had a blast at the beach – and the outing was enjoyed by all. Loving that car … looks really neat. Scrapping page in that one …

  2. love that car in the sand…..awesome effort guys. Love your beach holidays.

  3. Far out!! That is a cool car!! Great job you two!

    I’m glad Noah enjoyed his first trip to the beach. The water is SOOOOO cold at the mo, no wonder he wasn’t fussed on it!! LOL!

  4. What a cool car – it has a bit of chevy in it I reckon – lol – its so groovy!

  5. that is one cool car!

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