Our Christmas Day 2006

WOW! This christmas was so cool. As Noah was a year old it was fun to watch him try and open his presents. All the boys were so over the moon with what they got. Daniel got a new cell phone, hair gel, shower gel, body spray. Hard to buy for a 15 year old. Cameron got a computer, sketch pads and pencils, toy cars, and a t-shirt. Jarrod got a new bike and helmet and a soccer ball. Leigh also got a new bike and helmet and a PS2 game. Noah got a lunch box, sponge bob beach bag/towel, ball, and a activity table/car. Neil and I brought outdoor table and chair’s set, second hand, but hadn’t even been used. Brand new still. I also brought Neil a PS2 game which he loves, choc and from the boys Neil got boxes shorts and work socks. I got a new PINK hand bag, and also a new pair of black and white I love billy shoes. I already have a white and pink pair which I live it as they are so comfortable. All our money went on the kids presents so wasn’t alot left to buy alot for each other. But christmas is about the kids and we are fine with it. The day started at 7-45am which was great, not to early. Noah didn’t wake up until just after 8am. So we made all the kids wait until Noah was up. Jarrod and Leigh could see their bikes as we didn’t wrap them….. and they thought we were so mean making them wait…..we could see the funny side of it but they didn’t. They weren’t to bad.

After all the presents were open and the santa sacks were destroyed Jarrod and Leigh were out riding their bikes, Cameron was on his computer and Daniel was texting and wee Noah was playing with the paper…lol
We had a family brunch (around 11am) with the boys, hash browns, eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, croissants. yummy! Then around 1pm we had Choc sponge cake with cream, strawberries and choc. Daniel and Cameron went home to spend the afternoon with their mum and Jarrod and Leigh spent the afternoon with their Dad. SO that left Neil,Noah and I at home for a few hours before we went to our friends place for christmas tea. We got home around 9-30pm and headed to bed. It was a long day but a fun day with all the kids. They had a ball. Neil has got 2 weeks off work but as I work in retail and in a mall I am back at work doing my normal hours. I only work part time so not so bad.
Before Santa and After Santa


Comments on: "Our Christmas Day 2006" (3)

  1. lovely tree there Tanya!! What a lovely day you all had. Sounds like the kids had a blast in the morning. Can you show me what these billy shoes look like please……

  2. I love your tree – its really “put together” hmm – maybe next year the kids will let me decorate ours! I’m glad to hear you have a fab day!

  3. Looks and sounds like a great Christmas Day at your place!! I could almost “feel” the excitement from all those boys just by reading your post!! I bet they were thrilled with such great presents!! Lovely tree, too šŸ™‚

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