Christmas is just about here

WOW! where do I start. I have had such a busy time in the last few weeks. First Noah’s 1st birthday, the boys goings on at school, church visits (school), craft day at school. Then Neil, Leigh and I got some bug and spent 24 hours each in bed with a bucket beside the bed. Not so pretty. Then this week I have been working till midnight at work in Westfields. I am so tired and I am still up updating my bloody blog…

I am working tomorrow (Sun) for 3 hours to get ready for the boxing day sale and that’s me for another week. Neil has got 2 weeks off work. Will be nice to have him home and spent some time with the boys.
Over the last week I have recieved some lovely christmas cards and gifts from the girls on Scrapbook Essentials forum. Thanks so much to Beverley, Alice, Kelly, Janine, Rachel and Ilka.

And also a BIG thank you to my secret santa also from Scrapbook Essentials forum for my Christmas gift. I love everything you sent so thanks helps.

I took some photo’s of the boys with their santa hats on.


Comments on: "Christmas is just about here" (3)

  1. I know I am not spose to say this but Noah looked so cute with the Santa hat and then the shot at the end of him crying is gorgegous…..Tanya, have a fab christmas and New Years.

  2. Too cute – all the pics of the Santa hats and the boys – lol … definitely scrappable material there.

    Merry Christmas my scrapping buddy and may 2007 be a wonderful year for you all …

  3. Awww – thats to cute – Noah looks so sweet with the hat on – but that last picture is cool!
    Hope you had a fab christmas Tanya!

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