Happy Birthday Noah

My baby turned 1 today. It was such a cool day, We spent the day together, just the 2 of us. We brought Noah the Wheels on the bus. He loves it. The christmas tree is up but he isn’t interested in the tree just his wheel on the bus. Such a good wee boy. I didn’t want him to go to sleep tonight as his birthday is over for another year. I had a wee cry today remembering this time last year. The 5 Dec last year was a great day but very hard to cope with from what I went through. It was a long and hard road to recovery but I made it and we got our wonderful little man. Noah got a parcel in the mail today from his grandparents in Auckland. Noah was in bed when it arrived so guess who got to open it…….ME! lol. On Saturday Noah is having a party with 4 of his friends his age at The Teddy Factory. Just trying to get things sorted for then as we are having our Christmas BBQ on Saturday night as well. Will update blog after the weekend.

Happy 1st Birthday Noah
Lots of love

Mummy, Daddy, Daniel, Cameron, Jarrod and Leigh


Comments on: "Happy Birthday Noah" (6)

  1. Happy First Birthday to Noah!!! I also shed a tear on Tyler’s first birthday, I think knowing he was my last baby, I just wanted him to stay little!
    I hope Noah enjoys his party at the weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday Noah!!!!!!!!!!

    First Birthdays are so special.Sometimes I think it more of a milestone for the parents than the little person.

    Take Care!!

  3. Happy Birthday Noah. That was nice to read Tanya. Have a great weekend.

  4. Mrs Frizz said:

    Happy birthday wee man.
    I’m sure that the last 12 months have flown by for you Tanya – enjoy and cherish the memories. Hope the birthday boy enjoys his party on Saturday … keep clicking the camera.

  5. Happy Birthday Noah!!! Have a wonderful birthday party!

  6. Happy Birthday Noah!
    Have the best birthday!

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