Christmas in the park!

Last Saturday night the 7 of us along with the neighbours and friends went to Christmas in the Park in Hagley Park. The kids were all excitied about going and so was I as I have never been before. Jarrod and Leigh have been with there Dad last year and Neil and his boys Daniel and Cameron went when they lived in Auckland. My friend that I work with has been before and told me all about it but it’s not the same until you are there. It was a really nice day and really warm until we got to Hayley Park. I had my summer top and 3/4 pants on and Neil had shorts and t-shirt on and so did the boys and we all froze our little buns off. Noah was fine as he had lots of clothes and a blanket and Neil held him all night and now I know why……because Noah had a blanket, and Neil was just and warm as Noah was. Then half way through it Neil and the boys, Daniel, Cameron, Jarrod and Leigh all wanted to go home because they were cold and guess what, I made them stay till the end….lol lol lol lol. I was cold as well but I wasn’t going home until it had finished.

After all of them having a major hissey at me they shut up and watched the end. Which I might add they enjoyed. Santa arrived on a truck and then they had fire works. It was just so cool and they don’t know it yet but we are all going again next year but I think we will take warm clothes and more blankets.

The boys had glow sticks and were all dancing around with them when it was dark and the neighbours kids had santa hats with flashing lights. It was such a cool night.


Comments on: "Christmas in the park!" (2)

  1. Wow, those are great photos of the fireworks, Tanya! Sounds like you had a great time, despite the cold 😉

  2. love those photos…..and sounds like a great time. Noah sure looked warm :-). Love how you added that they don’t know this but that you are going back there again next year lol

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