Well, the christmas card order I was doing is finished and delivered yesterday. I had to do 400 of them and man what a job. It seamed to take longer this year than the pasted years. I did have an extra 50 to do this year from last year but it just seamed to drag. Neil was a huge help as always. He helped me from start to finish and I wouldn’t have got them done without his help. I keep telling him he is handy to have around….lol. Well he is! The cards I made last year were a bit to detailed and took a long time to finish so this year I kept them simple. Which is just as well. But it was all worth it. They paid me a nice size chq for my hard work. Yeah, lets go shopping….lol
Finished and boxed all ready to go.

Comments on: "Yahoo! The Christmas Cards are finished" (3)

  1. well done on getting them finished Tanya and Neil. Now you can focus on what your going to spend the money on lol….Love the cards…and the box looks great….

  2. Awesome, Tanya!! I’m impressed!! So I guess you won’t be making Christmas cards for your own personal use after all that … šŸ˜‰

  3. Well done – you go girl – now enjoy the rewards and go shopping. Pleased that it is finished, will be a major understatement! – lol

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