Noah is moving

My baby is moving. How scary and exciting at the same time. Noah has been trying to move over the last week and wasn’t really ready. Today the boys were out side playing on the water slide and Noah was quite happy to sit there and watch them and wasn’t even interested in crawling around the grass. BUT just after we came in side I was putting the washing away and I turned around and there was Noah sitting behind me. Couldn’t quite work out how he got there as I hadn’t seen him crawling. Then Neil came home from work and we all watched him crawl from the lounge into the boys bedroom. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Noah gets the wobbles every now and then and falls flat on his tummy and that’s funny because he laughs when he does it. He is so funny to watch. It really seams different with Noah than with Jarrod and Leigh when they were Noah’s age. Noah is quite late crawling from the other two. Noah is going to be 1 on the 5 December. Jarrod crawled around 9 months and Leigh around 10 months. I think Noah was just happy sitting in one spot watching everyone around him.

Here are some photo’s of the boys on there waterslide today….


Comments on: "Noah is moving" (2)

  1. Those are great photos, Tanya! And way to go Noah on reaching that milestone – time really does fly, soon he’ll be running around with your other boys!

  2. How exciting Tanya!!! whoo hoooo there’s a layout in there.

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