Update on gym

WELL!!!!! It was weigh in day today at the gym. They weighed me and my weight stayed the same. NOT at all happy about that. BUT I lost 2.5cm off my bust….YAHOO!!!! I lost 2 cm off my thighs….YAHOO!!!! That’s it for this month. I was a bit shocked that that’s all I lost but am happy as it was a lost and not a gain. A few of my friends have noticed that I have lost weight, so it must be working. I am really enjoying the gym (not like me)..lol Well that’s about all about the gym, will update you next month.


Comments on: "Update on gym" (4)

  1. well done Tanya!!! My piece of advice ignore the scles and go by the measuring tape!!

  2. Believe it or not… I used to manage a gym… I know I know… control the laughter. Anyway Janine is completely right. A lot of the time the scales won’t move… so trust the tape. Woo hoo you!

  3. I agree about the measuring tape being more important than the scales. In fact I was having this SAME conversation with another friend yesterday!
    You are doing well! GO GIRL!

  4. Well done Tanya!!!
    Throw those scales away, they will only bring you down, stick with the tape measure as it will really show you how you are doing.

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