I am in a panic now as my order for the christmas cards are due to be out by 20 November and I am NOT finish as yet. Very busy with other things. Kids, work, design team for Scrapbook Art, CJ’s with the girls on the forum at Scrapbook Essentials and I have been asked to tutor card classes at Scrapbook Art here in Christchurch. The samples are in the shop and bookings are being made. I am looking forward to getting back into the tutor thing as I loved doing it when I had my own shop. Today I received a phone call from a lady asking me to do her daughter’s wedding invites. So now I have to do some samples for her to look at. I need to learn how to say NO!!!!!!! But I CAN’T!!!!…lol That’s ok I don’t need to sleep….do I?

Here is a photo of my table covered in cardstock, stamps, ink, glitter. This is tidy as I had a major clean up before taking the photo.


Comments on: "Alot happened in the last week…" (10)

  1. oh I love the cards Tanya….good luck with getting them finished. Send teh cj on if you want too. I can always start on it and send it back to you if you want?

  2. Wow, Tanya, yes you must learn to say ‘no’ lol. I find it gets hard for me to as well. Was it hard giving up your own scrapbooking shop??? I don’t know that I could ever own one but I sure would love to run one 😉

  3. Anonymous said:

    Your desk is very tidy!! It really does sound like you are busy!! It can be hard to say “no” can’t it?

  4. tanyaleigh said:

    Janine – I will get on to Kelly’s CJ this weekend and HOPEFULLY send it next week…lol
    Christi – I didn’t have a scrapbooking shop, I had a rubber stamp shop. It was in the year 2000. I didn’t start scrapbooking until 3-4 years ago. I just loved it and didn’t want to give it up and Hannah – yes my desk is tidy but that’s because it’s my kitchen table, should see my craft table. NOT good. NOT as tidy.

  5. Wow Tanya, you have a lot on at the moment….good luck with that!

    I have your CJ here and I have to say that it is amazing!!!!

    You are one very talented scrapper.

  6. Tanya, you know we are one cj ahead lol…..I think Melissa is gonna wonder what we are on lol with the speed we are doing these lol. So how many cards left?

  7. tanyaleigh said:

    Janine, I have to have 50 of the cards out by this Friday so busy doing them tonight. They are all stamped, just trying to put them together. The rest (350) by 20 Nov. I don’t know what I was thinking saying I would do them…lol. If we are one CJ ahead I don’t need to stress about it then…yahoo!
    Ann, Good to know where it is, hard to keep up sometimes on their where about’s..and thanks for the comments.

  8. Heck I thought I was busy….. Love the production line you have there, very organised!!

  9. Wow go Tanya.Your cards look great.
    Thanks for the cool RAK I received from you today.It is very exciting, Thank-you.

    Remember to take time to breath.

  10. Wow, you sound so busy, hope you’re manageing to get that order done. I was glad you said you’d tidied your desk before taking that photo – when I’m busy crafting I always manage to only have ooooh about 6″ square spaace to work in – just enough clear space for a card.

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