Well I didn’t…..

make it into the DT at Scrapbook Essentials but I am happy for the girls that did make it. So thought I would share with you all what I did submit to Meg.

I love the altered art I did. I turned a Harry Potter money tin into a Date Tin for birthdays, Anniversaries and special dates to remember. It’s sitting beside my computer with everyone’s birthdays in it so I won’t forget….well hopefully. LOL I’m happy with my single and double layout as well. I had alot of fun entering the Design Team. I wish the girls who did make it well for what is ahead of them in the coming months.


Comments on: "Well I didn’t….." (9)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Wowee, wow, Tanya!!! Your stuff is awesome! You should have definitely made the team! I love your tin! See, I can’t come up with that stuff lol. Are you just a gorgeous wee thing, too! I tried enlarging them so I can see more detail but it didn’t work 😦 I guess I should put mine up on my blog too.

  2. Anonymous said:

    I agree with Christi – your work is AMAZING!! I’m speechless! You are very talented and I’m shocked that you didn’t get in. You should submit those to a magazine, they are really gorgeous!!

  3. Wow Tanya they are stunning!!! I am sorry to hear you didn’t make the team. Your work rocks!! However I know your time will come. If you are going to submit these make sure you take thjem off your blog as they will consider it as being published even though it’s your blog.

  4. Oh WOW Tanya, your submissions are stunning!!!

    You should definitely think about submitting them to a mag….nice work!

  5. Tanya your entries are beautiful.I love your tin.I did a little wooden box for Lisa’s DT for specials dates.

    Your 7 enough layout is awesome,well done.

    Your work is awesome.

  6. Mike and Neen said:

    I’m so glad you posted your tin… I was dying to read your story behind it. Its gorgeous. I OVE altering things that are useful rater than taking up shelf space… great idea and its siply beautiful

  7. mummyofmany said:

    hey Tanya,

    Just love all your work!!!!! You are so talented girl, this is weird but tried to call tonight and could not get through so call me in the morning you know who I am I am well you know ‘nines enough’ he he maybe not so anyway ended up signing up a blog so that i could get through to you so that you know that i was not calling you……

  8. Mrs Frizz said:

    Absolutely stunning work Tanya — loving that birthday tin big time, but I’ve already told you that! Layouts -brilliant … next time …

  9. Mrs Frizz said:

    Absolutely stunning work Tanya — loving that birthday tin big time, but I’ve already told you that! Layouts -brilliant … next time …

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