Paper Bag Album

My friend asked me if I could make a Wedding paper bag album for her of her friends wedding. And I only have a night to do it in. It is nothing fancy as it was just something to give her from my friend. I loved making it but was under a bit of pressure to finished it as it was going on a plane the next night to Australia. But I stay up all night till 1am finishing it but am pleased with it.
There were lots of photo’s in the album with 2 tags in each bag with 2 photo’s on each tag. In total 28 photo’s.
Don’t know if I would want to make another one in a night. My friend loves it and I’m sure her friend will to.

On another note I am in the middle of alot of things at the moment. Present for my son (Leigh’s) teacher for a christmas present. A brag bag of her class of 06. I have taken photo’s of the kids doing things at school, bad hair day, swimming, playing etc. Will take more during this term and will finish it before the end of year production. Leigh’s teacher is very special and she has a soft spot for Leigh as well. Leigh was her first pupil when Leigh started school in 2004. So want to make something special for her as she might not be staying on at Halswell School.


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  1. Anonymous said:

    That is just beautiful, Tanya!! I love it! I’ve never made a paper bag album but I would love to do one. Especially if it turns out as good as yours!

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