Projects and layouts

Well I thought I would add some of my layouts and projects on here as I haven’t done that as yet. The day before fathers day I sat down and made a paper bag album for Neil for FD from all the boys. I got all the boys to write in there own words something to Neil/Dad. It was really nice what they all wrote. I wanted to do something special for Neil and when he was given it by the boys here cried.

Here are some of the words from the boys…….

Daniel wrote: I’m not going to make this a long sob story, so I will keep it short. I love you and that’s the main thing that matters to my world and me. Thanks for being a loving father for however many years it has been. Happy Fathers Day! Love Daniel.
Now that’s from a 15 year old.

Jarrod wrote: I love you as much as my real dad and just as cool. We have fun doing stuff together and take us places like the pool. Thanks for being my amazing Neil. Happy Fathers Day, Love Jarrod.
Now that’s from a 9 year old.

Aren’t kids funny what they think. Jarrod came up with that on his own and I was very proud of him.

This layout is for the October competition ( black and white ) at Scrapbook Essentials and I really love this one and the photo’s of my baby. Noah was only 2 1/2 weeks old when these photo’s were taken.


Comments on: "Projects and layouts" (2)

  1. I can see why Neil cried that some good stuff there. Especially for boys. Lovely album Tanya. Love the layout that you did of Noah, very cool. Love the stars and flowers…

  2. I’m not surprised that he cried! I had a tear welling up in my eye as I read the beautiful words from the boys. SO SPECIAL!!

    I love the B&W layout, I posted a comment on SE too. It is FAB, girl!

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