Jarrod’s Camp

Well Jarrod went off to camp on first day back at school (last Monday). The whole of year 4 went from Halswell School. I missed Jarrod so much while he was away and was wondering how he was getting on. I couldn’t ring him to see how he was and was so worried about him but I spoke to a friends mum who went over to see them and they were having a ball. So I had nothing to worried about. The amount of food that they got was amazing. Jarrod really enjoyed himself. They went swimming, go – karts, walks ( which Jarrod wasn’t happy about…lol) heaps of stuff. Jarrod took a camera with him but I haven’t got the photo’s back yet. Will see how they turn out. On Wednesday when I went down to school to get him he was just getting off the bus and trying to find his bags. He was so tired but told me he wasn’t tired and wasn’t going to bed early. Well I had news for him. Jarrod chashed out about 7pm. I think someone was tired…
Leigh didn’t know what to do with himself on Monday after school. He didn’t have anyone to play with. Leigh was really sad so he followed me everywhere I went. Leigh, my wee shadow. He came right and had fun as he didn’t have to fight to do anything. He picked up after that. As soon as they walked in the door on Wednesday afternoon the arguements started. Well at least I had 3 days of peace.


Comments on: "Jarrod’s Camp" (3)

  1. Awwwwww three days peace was good, and as for the arguments clearly they missed each other… 🙂 Sounds like Jarrod had a blast, funny how they think they know themselves better than mum. Love the new template Tanya


  2. Sounds like Jarrod enjoyed camp! I’m not surprised that you missed him, and that his brother missed him! Nice template, too 🙂

  3. The new template looks great Tanya and it sounds like Jarrod had a great time at camp.

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