Not alot happening here

Not alot has happened since my last post. The boys are back at school tomorrow and Jarrod is off on camp with this class to Living Springs for 3 days. I have brought him a camera to take so should be interesting on his return. Now that would be a great layout…..Leigh is really happy Jarrod isn’t going to be around to hassle him every minute of the day. I will be busy scrapbooking, getting my DT entry finished for Meg at Scrapbook Essentials. I have finished the altered art project and I’m really happy with that. I have just sketched out a layout for the October’s layout competition. I am really happy with the sketch so hopefully it will come together nicely. I have a wee project in mind for the boys teachers this year, mainly Leigh’s teacher as Leigh was her first student at Halswell School in 2004 when Leigh started school. She has a soft spot for Leigh so thought this would be nice as she might be leaving the school. Something to remember him by. And to top it off those 400 cards that are in the making…..
Till next time everyone, happy blogging


Comments on: "Not alot happening here" (4)

  1. still shaking head at 400 cards lol
    Good luck with your se design team entry.

    Janine aka Ange Gurl

  2. Good luck with your DT entry!! I’m really impressed with all the ladies who have time to enter this, I didn’t enter but I’m really excited to see who gets chosen!

  3. I have no idea how you are managing to make 400 cards, I would be dreaming about them if I had to make that many…..

  4. 400 cards???
    How do you find the time?
    Good luck with your DT entry, i’m nearly finished as well.

    And thanks for your nice welcome comments on my blog.

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