Leigh’s layout…
Just had to share with you all. Today my son Leigh ( aged 7) was bored so he did a layout for the competition running at the moment on Scrapbook Essentials forum. It’s a school holiday boredom buster for the kids. Two of my boys are involved in a circle journal also running on SE forum and they are having fun doing it. Leigh is following in his mum’s footsteps with the craft bug. While I am typing away he is asking all kinds of questions about scrapbooking and is also finding another photo to do another layout. I am so proud of him, he did a great job.


Comments on: "Scrapbooking is running in the family……" (2)

  1. Great photo Leigh. I like the way he used the tag and popped all the names of the boys on there! Tanya lockl uo your supplies…..great to see boys doing some scrapping…

    Janine aka Angel gurl

  2. Great to see Leigh scrapbooking Tanya, I agree with Janine, nice to see boys venturing into the scrapbooking world!

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