Back to work I go……..

Yahoo! I have been on maternity leave since Oct last year and am heading back on the 12th Oct. It’s part time and was only part time before going on leave to have Noah. I don’t really want to go back to work as I love staying at home with the boys but I need money to support my habit…… Nah I am looking forward to it. It’s nice to have something outside of the house.

I’m working on projects at the moment to enter Scrapbook Essentials Design Team. I am loving it and am having fun doing the altered art project. It’s taking awhile so it’s just as well there is about another month to finish the rest. I have alot of other things to get done before the end of the year so if I don’t get everything finished that’s ok there will be another chance I’m sure. Every year I make Christmas Cards for a business who send out to their customers and this year they have decided they want 400 cards so my dining table looks like a bomb has gone off on it. My partner Neil helps me with them which is great otherwise I wouldn’t get them finished in time. This year the order had been put on hold until this week and now a mad panic to get them done by the end of Oct. Will post some pic later of my mess….

Till next time..


Comments on: "Back to work I go…….." (5)

  1. wow 400 cards, that just has to be fun!! Good luck with the SE entry. So what kind of part time work do you do/will be going back too? I don;t know how I will cope next year not having a full time salary to spend on scrapping supplies 🙂

    Janine aka Angelgurl

  2. good luck with your SE entry!

  3. Hi Janine, I work at K&K Fashions in westfields Riccarton, Christchurch. Every year the christmas card order gets bigger but of course the price gets higher to so it’s not so bad.

  4. Good luck with your DT entry, and with the new job!

  5. Yes, we must support our habits somehow lol. Good luck on the DT, Tanya!! Can’t wait to see who applies and who gets in! I’m sure your stuff will be FABU!!! I had fun with my altered item considering I don’t generally ‘do’ altered items lol. Good luck with all those cards! I don’t think I could manage 😉

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