School Holidays

OMG! The school holidays have started. Not a good start to them at our place. Jarrod lost his camera ( last term) he was given on his birthday from his Dad. We look everywhere for it here and at his Dad’s place with it nowhere to be found. Today the boys came home from school with alot of stuff from their desks and my dear wee Leigh had taken Jarrod’s camera to school without asking or telling anyone. Man! was Jarrod mad with his brother. SO Leigh has been grounded from the playstation for the holiday’s. He is so upset as they don’t get to play the playstation during the week and he was looking forward to it. Never mind, maybe this will make him think next time……maybe. I feel like a bad mummy, but he has to learn. They are plenty of other things to do.
Jarrod is getting better and went back to school today after having 4 days of school. Seemed a waste of time sending him to school for only one day but one day of peace for me before the holidays. yahoo! Jarrod thought I was the worst mummy out sending him to school today but when I pick him up at 3pm he told me he was glad I sent him today as his teacher brought everyone in the class fish & chips for lunch as last day of term. The words that came out of his month was ” you are the best mummy in the world and I love you” I just had to smile…….


Comments on: "School Holidays" (2)

  1. You can’t win either way some days. I guess Leigh will remember to ask next time when he wants to borrow something. Lol at Jarrod, amazing what fish and chips at school can do for a kids morale.

  2. It is hard to make those calls. I know I will struggle when my boys are older. It is hard enough know taking toy dinosaurs etc. away when they are only 4!! But you have to do it to teach them lessons that they need to learn in order to grow into great adults!!

    I’m glad Jarrod is feeling better, I’m sure those fish & chips helped 🙂

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