Sick Kids

You wouldn’t believe it……..the last week of school and my oldest has strep throat. Jarrod likes being off school but he told me yesterday that he would rather be at school than to feel the way he does. Poor guy!
I really feel for the kids when they are sick. About 11pm last night Jarrod came into my in bed and said he could hear noises so I asked him ” do you want to sleep in my bed” and Jarrod jumped at the chance. So then I went and slept in his bed, with Leigh on the top bunk. I didn’t get any sleep as it wasn’t my bed to start with and Leigh talked in his sleep all night and tossed and turned. Neil told me this morning that Jarrod talked all night and tossed and turned as well. Neil didn’t get much sleep either…….hence we are both feeling like chap today. But at the moment Jarrod is playing on the playstation, so he can’t be feeling to bad today. Hopefully back to school tomorrow.
And to top it off nicely wee Noah has a cold. He can’t drink much from his bottle as his nose is blocked. But with all that he is such a good wee man, he doesn’t complain much about anything.
Yesterday Jarrod and Noah were in the lounge playing while I wasn’t in the kitchen getting tea ready and making a bottle for Noah. I went into the lounge to give it to him and he was asleep on the floor with Jarrod watching him. How sweet!

Till next time….


Comments on: "Sick Kids" (4)

  1. oh dear hope the boys feel better son. Poor Noah, can’t be much fun.

  2. Hi Tanya, that last comment was from me, angel gurl for some strange reason it has posted as heather. Not sure whats up with that Janine.

  3. Sure, Janine, who’s Heather???? Hmmmm, alter-ego????

    I hear ya about sick kiddos. But it drives me insane really that they get so needy and want to be held. I don’t mind cuddling but the whining and crying gets to me after a while. *knock on wood* mine are ok at the moment. Hopefully yours pick up soon too!

  4. So sorry to hear about the sickness in your house, Tanya. This winter really has been a nasty one for bugs and things! Hope your boys are back to normal soon (especially in time to enjoy the school hols!)

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