What a week….

This last week has been madness. Normally my weeks are so layed back, just hanging out with the boys but this week has been so full on.
Monday – housework day, boring. Out looking for a job
Tuesday – lunch out with a group of friends and doc with Noah. Out looking for a job.
Wednesday – 9am at the supermarket and then down to the school for parent help and coffee with a friend. Out looking for a job.
Thursday – Tuckshop at school then out to buy kids a new summer uniform. Out looking for a job.
Friday – Dunkleys Craft show with a friend then lunch. Out looking for a job. Neil’s boy’s arrived for the weekend.
Saturday – Neil left to go skiing with his work and left me with 5 Boys……..help!
I had a major scrap room clean up and change around….what a job!
Sunday – Neil’s boys went home and Jarrod and Leigh played on the playstation while I did the housework. Neil arrived home from skiing at 4pm.

Somewhere in all that last week I did manage to do some scrapbooking and have time to myself, Somewhere…lol Just looking at my diary and this week is empty…..thank goodness.

Neil went skiing at mount hut with all the guys and girls at his work. It was a all expenses paid weekend….so you guessed it everyone got drunk, yes including Neil. All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t there. It wasn’t a pretty site so I hear. The stories Neil told me when he got home. But he had fun and that’s the main thing. Neil has never tried skiing before so they gave him a skiing lesson first and told him to stay on the learner’s slope for a while before going up the mountain. N eil being Neil, he headed for the mountain after only one lesson. And yes he ended up going down the mountain on his backside…….lol I couldn’t stop laughing. All the other skiier’s were laughing at him to. I just wish he took the camera with him. That would have made a fun layout.
On Saturday I decided to have a clean up and change around of my scrap room and it took me 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it took so long. But I have alot of stuff. Just is well we have two living rooms. I took before and after photo’s.

Before photo’s

After photo’s


Comments on: "What a week…." (3)

  1. Love the before and after shots! Looks good Tanya. Wow thats a full on week.

    Janine aka Angelgurl

  2. Wow, Tanya, look at the room you have! Fabulous! My room is literally a large closet and you can barely get two people in it at once. But it is closed off to little people which makes me happy!

  3. The reorganised room looks great!! You’ve got a nice big area there, lucky girl!!

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